Press Start

Hi everyone,

This is a blog I am starting for all gamers out there.

I know there are plenty of gaming communities, and plenty of sites, groups, elites and otherwise out there. I am hoping this will be something in between. A place for knowledgeable and well versed gamers to unite and share their knowledge, experience, tips, and critiques, as well as the newbies to feel comfortable to come out and say something too.

I will be posting, slowly worked through reviews, and basic experiences or feedback from my own gaming, which is recently newly developed, however thoroughly developed. Just started gaming last September, however have begun to collect as many games as my hands can get, (initially low cost point, now hoping for low cost point and searching for Metacritic reccomendations, and gamer choice picks).

I am devoted to reading monthly issues of GamePro, PlayStation Official Magazine, GameINFORMER, and MetaCritic reviews, as well as surfing online and seeing whats new, and whats being said about PLAYSTATION3 gaming.

I hope to be able to bring a new position to the gaming language out there. Though inexperienced, and new, I think I might bring some interesting points, and hopefully some laughs to new and old gamers out there.

I will start serious posting tomorrow, and hope to start a conversation with the gaming world out there.

For now

<Quite> & <Save>.



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