Some Gaming Jargon

  Into the Words and Language Of Gaming Basics

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking what it was like when I read my first gaming article, or what it is still like now for me when I read some reviews, or even some game manuals and trying to decipher some gaming lingo. It is the same I think for some new gamers, or even friends, family, etc to gamers when speaking of games and the gaming ins and outs.

Its amazing but true most people dont know what FPS stands for.


So I thought I would attempt, attempt being the operative word to recognize some major need to know words, phrases etc and help those just starting out, and I invite people to please add to this list as I am sure it will fall short of the line.

(Note*** The pictures I chose to use below to help describe the definitions I got from looking up “the best” in that category)

  • FPS= First Person Shooter meaning you are the person shooting and you on your couch playing are seeing you do the shootingHalo 3
  • RPG=Role Playing Game you are playing a role or character in a game, usually a fantasy type environmentFinal Fantasy VIIOblivion Elder Scrolls
  • JRPG=Japenese Role Playing Game same as above however created in Japan and usually with a visual style very different from westernized RPG’sChrono TriggerPersona
  • Linear=Straight format of mission given, complete mission, move on, or upward to next levelUncharted Drakes FortuneTomb Raider Underworld
  • Sandbox=Generally an open world format with lots to do, lots to explore, no one particular path, many varying paths, with sometimes underlying linear mission to eventually complete
    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Red Dead Redemption

  • Platform=Game played on platforms with two-three perspective view, playing along a line defeating and reaching goals to finish that platform and move on
  • Super Mario BrothersLittle Big Planet
  • Boss Battles=at the end of most levels games usually have a major enemy who is very strong, or big, or a good fighter fight your character, and to move on you must defeat it, either showing all of your greatly improved skills obtained from playing that level or by grinding the buttons
  • Grinding=pushing buttons on your controller, keyboard, etc, hard and fast to keep up with the prompts given to you on screen, or to make awesome battle sequences to defeat a boss enemy, this term can also mean doing something over and over again in a game to achieve something
  • MMO=mass multiplayer online, which means you are playing a game that can be played connected to the internet online, which will allow many other people playing online to connect to you and your game, thereby providing mass amount of people playing the same game across the world at the same time
  • System= what you are playing your game on, i.e PC, PS, XBox, DS, PSP, Phone etc
  • AI= artificial intelligence, meaning game is programmed with AI to play against you, be your enemy, be your friend, etc
  • ESRB=entertainment software gaming board, this is usually on a games cover, or in the top of an article, stating who is allowed or recommended to play this game
  • Handle=your alias, characters name, how people can find you if they want to connect, what shows up if you are playing as your name
  • Level=you are playing in a level, you do certain things to go to the next level, which can be same or different environment, harder tasks etc. challenges usually get more difficult and tasks and goals more complicated
  • Save Point= the point in the game that you reach where the game automatically saves your status thus far for you, so that if your character dies you will come back to life from that point
  • Respawn=your character dies and comes back to life, or respawns

Those are the only ones I could think of, I also found this wonderful website which has a ton more, and I am sure there are plenty more websites out there with great and useful definitions, the website I checked out was:

It is pretty great, I do recommend it.

Have a great night!


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