Prince Of Persia

Prince Of Persia Developed By Ubisoft Montreal Scoring 85% At MetaCritic Was the second game I ever played.Gliding Fighting Fun And Mayhem

I found this game to be a simple introduction into fantasy gameplay. Where one is in another universe/time playing as a human/human like being in beautifully gothic/fantasy inspired outfits.

This game looking back seems really simple gameplay to me. Once you become accustomed to the mechanics of wall sliding and jumping, you are pretty much set, the fighting and challenges are along the same lines. The boss fights at the end of the missions require some SERIOUS button smashing (really hurt my thumb here, and was completely nervous in trying to finish to nurse my thumb!) and are somewhat exciting.

Still although the mechanics, or button mastering of the game can by the end become simple and much less challenging the game in itself can also be very entertaining.

It definitely provides for a great introduction into wall sliding, body maneuvering to climb or meet high goals, as well as quick time events. All key in most games out there, especially the trend I am seeing now with Assassins Creed and other similar games that must trust in the button pushing patterns to make crazy unimaginable jumps and slides across tremendous lengths and heights.

This game offers linear gameplay allowing the gamer to achieve systematic goals, which some seasoned gamers or even new-bee gamers wanting more sandbox (open world) gameplay may find offensive. However that being said there is opportunity to collect light/jewel/globular thingy-ma-jiggy’s (that is a technical term by the way) that make a difference in your overall power/life line. And collecting these things is in a setting that allows you to practice your climbing jumping, and is not linear at all.

The linear path of the game however also allows for new gamers, like myself to feel that they have achieved something, and concentrate more on practicing their gameplay then worrying about if they are getting way off mission focus, or not doing what they should be doing.

This game offers beautiful colours, an interesting story premise, a cheesy romantic twist, a magical side-kick, and great introductions for the wall gliding/long jumping theme of the times in gaming.

I recommend it for young folks, and folks just exploring gaming. It gave me numerous hours of gameplay when I was first starting out (those boss battles really were tough, could not smash my buttons hard enough!) Also considering the new Prince OF Persia The Forgotten Sands Is Out now (scoring a meagre 75% on Metacritic, which considered by some are high, I do anyway, but still I am shocked that it did not do better, however I have no ground to stand on with my shock and awe, as I have not played this game yet) this title can be found at a relatively fair price.

 Let’s see hmm, at EB Games it is being sold as used for $19.99. And I am sure at some of the little Game Stores in Toronto or Bigger cities elsewhere you could find a used copy for $10 and under.

Here is the Games Trailer, thanks to YOUTUBE, I love YOUTUBE by the way. Enjoy!

I give this game one amazingly pretty turban up, and one smiley wall glide.