Question Your Faith? Question Your Game As Worthy Time Pursuit?

Everyone, or at least most people are at times concerned with the validity of their leisure pursuits, are they worthy of their time, are they classic pursuits, or are they at least ground breaking ones? Are they art? Are they provocative?

Apparently the gaming world has always had this very big debate, as to whether or not games should be considered art, should be given the faithful following and respect, as opposed to other opinions that they are meagre time sink holes and money wasters.

I was reading recently in GameInformer one writers opinion about this debate, and he argued that there is no point in our gaming community trying to convince, the others out there, be it if they be un-credible others, or lowly others, or anyone who is not already a gaming fan, of gaming’s validity, or value, or virtue, in the art world, or any other academia-superior type category.

I was very intrigued with this article, and wondered how everyone was feeling about this topic? I guess this article was provoked because a renowned critic commented on the little value in games, and hence the re-opening of the day old can of worms. sitting on the out for lunch, fishing supply counter.

I think it is interesting personally. And I am considering the various definitions of art out there, and one that sticks in my mind is one that a dear friend shared with me, that art is both a creation and reflection of our society/culture/world what have you and that in addition art requires an audience. This definition, which is not my own, so I take no credit in its obvious wonderful-ness, is so great I think. It speaks to what art really is, like Shakespeare for example and his artfully poetic words, and creation of etiquettes in some ways, a reflection and creation of those worlds. I think gaming or games under this categorical definition would win out.

Take Grand Theft Auto, a famous gaming franchise, known by gamers and non gamers alike, I daresay. It created the idea that violent, sex ridden, curse word ridden, tough guy, realistic depiction in general society was tolerated, and ok, and even close to what most people may know, or be comfortable with, and likewise, this creation is reflected in our hyper casualness with sex, swearing, stealing (eh hem music, or anything minor that millions of people everyday steal in our cultures) and wanting to be tough and strong, and wear fancy clothes as if that defines the person all the better.  And does this game by any chance have an audience? Ask the hundreds of thousand of people who have purchased the games, ask the million people who have heard and discussed the game.

Something this is making me think of actually is also the idea of protest, against art. Think of DeVinci, or the famous artist who did this

This is the artist by the way:

This was hugely controversial. Think of anything worth its weight in this world, is it not questioned, accepted, questioned, fought, rejected, and never quite settled on?

Well what about all the hoop-law around Grand Theft Auto? The secret apparently sex scenes hidden in the game, the language etc, the violence? People thought it was crude, unacceptable, and not proper for society, especially for children, who apparently only require the image of something to become gun shooting sex maniacs!

Anyways, I have to run to supper, but I think this is something to be always talked about and rallied for.

Have a good night all!