Prince Of Persia

Prince Of Persia Developed By Ubisoft Montreal Scoring 85% At MetaCritic Was the second game I ever played.Gliding Fighting Fun And Mayhem

I found this game to be a simple introduction into fantasy gameplay. Where one is in another universe/time playing as a human/human like being in beautifully gothic/fantasy inspired outfits.

This game looking back seems really simple gameplay to me. Once you become accustomed to the mechanics of wall sliding and jumping, you are pretty much set, the fighting and challenges are along the same lines. The boss fights at the end of the missions require some SERIOUS button smashing (really hurt my thumb here, and was completely nervous in trying to finish to nurse my thumb!) and are somewhat exciting.

Still although the mechanics, or button mastering of the game can by the end become simple and much less challenging the game in itself can also be very entertaining.

It definitely provides for a great introduction into wall sliding, body maneuvering to climb or meet high goals, as well as quick time events. All key in most games out there, especially the trend I am seeing now with Assassins Creed and other similar games that must trust in the button pushing patterns to make crazy unimaginable jumps and slides across tremendous lengths and heights.

This game offers linear gameplay allowing the gamer to achieve systematic goals, which some seasoned gamers or even new-bee gamers wanting more sandbox (open world) gameplay may find offensive. However that being said there is opportunity to collect light/jewel/globular thingy-ma-jiggy’s (that is a technical term by the way) that make a difference in your overall power/life line. And collecting these things is in a setting that allows you to practice your climbing jumping, and is not linear at all.

The linear path of the game however also allows for new gamers, like myself to feel that they have achieved something, and concentrate more on practicing their gameplay then worrying about if they are getting way off mission focus, or not doing what they should be doing.

This game offers beautiful colours, an interesting story premise, a cheesy romantic twist, a magical side-kick, and great introductions for the wall gliding/long jumping theme of the times in gaming.

I recommend it for young folks, and folks just exploring gaming. It gave me numerous hours of gameplay when I was first starting out (those boss battles really were tough, could not smash my buttons hard enough!) Also considering the new Prince OF Persia The Forgotten Sands Is Out now (scoring a meagre 75% on Metacritic, which considered by some are high, I do anyway, but still I am shocked that it did not do better, however I have no ground to stand on with my shock and awe, as I have not played this game yet) this title can be found at a relatively fair price.

 Let’s see hmm, at EB Games it is being sold as used for $19.99. And I am sure at some of the little Game Stores in Toronto or Bigger cities elsewhere you could find a used copy for $10 and under.

Here is the Games Trailer, thanks to YOUTUBE, I love YOUTUBE by the way. Enjoy!

I give this game one amazingly pretty turban up, and one smiley wall glide.


Ratchet & Clank Tools OF Destruction

This Was The First Full Game I Ever Completed And Loved EVERY Weapon Creating Minute Of IT!

Ratchet & Clank Future Tools Of Destruction
Weapons to Gel-ify anything that wants to fight you!

If you have not yet played this game, play it!

 I know the new sequel Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time Is Out and doing well according to MetaCritic it is worthy of an 87%. However this first installment of the series scored even higher with an 89%.

This game developed by Insomniac Games is well worth the purchase, and as of now it should be pretty affordable, according to EB games you can buy this for a meagre $24.99, and I am telling you the 15-20 hours you will get out of gaming from this is well worth the dollars.
First off it’s a finish-able game, especially for new-bees like I was at the time. It makes a great introduction into gaming for anyone.
If you want:
  • fun
  • to  learn  how things work in the gaming world with: upgrading, boss fights, and loot 
  • to complete your first game this is the game for you.

This game offers all of that to new gamers and more. There is hilarious scripts, beautiful visuals, and so many creative weapon creations that you want to use all of them before the game is over. No other game that I have experienced thus far has as many interesting weapons. It reminds me of a willy wonka of weaponry.

My favourite weapons that I could not get enough of, or the ones that really helped me during my first exposure to boss battles (the ending big matches against tougher enemies) or in situations with many enemies were:
  • The Gelatinator: Fire this gun and little green jello like guys will jump out of its green gel and beat up and destroy whomever/whatever is after you, the more you fire the more green men got your back.
  • The Predator Launcher: Awesome Awesome. This gun targets enemies sensitive areas and blows them up, you shoot it, it sets itself up against anyone trying to mess with you and attacks.
  • The Nano Swarmers: First off this one just sounds dangerous. You shoot this against any electric looking or attacking enemy and it will swarm them and short their circuits so to speak.
  • Finally a weapon; that a friend of mine absolutely loved, was the Tornado Launcher: Shoot this and you can control a small tornado and direct it to pick up and throw or dismember any of your enemies attacking you. I could not control mine well enough and so used it little (again I was a new time gamer here) but my friend loved it and used it for many large battle scenes.

 The other great thing about this game is the bolts. Anything you blow up or destroy spits out a ton of tiny bolts, and bolts in these worlds are like cash, cold hard metal bolt cash.

And the best thing about these bolts especially for new gamers who may be intimidated, or not sure of where to start collecting to level up, the bolts fly to you! Especially as you continue through the game. Now you can totally also go around picking up more bolts and some loot, and breaking boxes to get whats inside.

I recommend this game because it isn’t super long, there is a bit of exploring, and looting, a lot of fighting, and amazingly fun and creative weaponry.

Here is the Official PS3 Trailer Provided by Google Videos, it highlights some of the action, the colourful cinematics, and definitely the scripted humour, it also shows the Pirate Robots dancing due to being shot with the Groovatron Gun, which makes enemies dance while you escape or attack.


I give it two big smiles, One kiss, and a belly button lint shooter up!

Press Start

Hi everyone,

This is a blog I am starting for all gamers out there.

I know there are plenty of gaming communities, and plenty of sites, groups, elites and otherwise out there. I am hoping this will be something in between. A place for knowledgeable and well versed gamers to unite and share their knowledge, experience, tips, and critiques, as well as the newbies to feel comfortable to come out and say something too.

I will be posting, slowly worked through reviews, and basic experiences or feedback from my own gaming, which is recently newly developed, however thoroughly developed. Just started gaming last September, however have begun to collect as many games as my hands can get, (initially low cost point, now hoping for low cost point and searching for Metacritic reccomendations, and gamer choice picks).

I am devoted to reading monthly issues of GamePro, PlayStation Official Magazine, GameINFORMER, and MetaCritic reviews, as well as surfing online and seeing whats new, and whats being said about PLAYSTATION3 gaming.

I hope to be able to bring a new position to the gaming language out there. Though inexperienced, and new, I think I might bring some interesting points, and hopefully some laughs to new and old gamers out there.

I will start serious posting tomorrow, and hope to start a conversation with the gaming world out there.

For now

<Quite> & <Save>.



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